Other Rice products

Aval - Red

Aval Red 250g..

19.00Rs Ex Tax: 19.00Rs

Weight: 250.00 G


Aval Thick 500g..

29.00Rs Ex Tax: 29.00Rs

Weight: 500.00 G


Aval Thin 500g..

32.00Rs Ex Tax: 32.00Rs

Weight: 500.00 G


Barlley 500g..

44.00Rs Ex Tax: 44.00Rs

Weight: 500.00 G

Manna Bamboo Rice

Manna Bamboo Rice 200g..

160.00Rs Ex Tax: 160.00Rs

Weight: 200.00 G

Manna Brown RICE

Manna Brown RICE 1kg..

95.00Rs Ex Tax: 95.00Rs

Weight: 1.00 KG

Nirapara Matta Brown Rice

Nirapara Matta Brown Rice 5Kg..

337.00Rs Ex Tax: 337.00Rs

Weight: 5.00 KG

Nirapara Palakkadan Matta Rice

Nirapara Palakkadan Matta Rice 2Kg..

140.00Rs Ex Tax: 140.00Rs

Weight: 2.00 KG

Steam Rice

Steam Rice 5Kgs..

235.00Rs Ex Tax: 235.00Rs

Weight: 5.00 KG

Wheat - Kothumai

Wheat  - Kothumai 1Kgs..

45.00Rs Ex Tax: 45.00Rs

Weight: 1.00 KG

Wheat - Kothumai

Wheat  - Kothumai 5Kgs..

225.00Rs Ex Tax: 225.00Rs

Weight: 5.00 KG
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