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Amla - Nellikkaai

Amla - Nellikkaai 250g Benefits of Amla * Applying the paste of (soak dried amla, baheda, aam ki git..

28.00Rs22.00Rs Ex Tax: 22.00Rs


Apple - Fuji 1Kg..

200.00Rs175.00Rs Ex Tax: 175.00Rs

Baby corn- Baby Makkachollam (Peeled)

Buy Vegetable Baby corn- Baby Makkachollam (Peeled) Online @ chennaibasket.com, Online Fruits and ve..

55.00Rs52.00Rs Ex Tax: 52.00Rs

Baby Potato - Chinna Urulaikilangu

Buy Baby Potato - Chinna Urulaikilangu 500g online, now available at chennaibasket.com..

25.00Rs20.00Rs Ex Tax: 20.00Rs

Banana (Raw) - Vazhaikaai

Buy Vegetable Banana (Raw Banana) - Vazhaikaai 3 Nos...

28.00Rs25.00Rs Ex Tax: 25.00Rs

Banana - Karpooravalli

Banana Karpooravalli - 1Kg..

70.00Rs60.00Rs Ex Tax: 60.00Rs

Banana - Morris

Banana Morris - 500g..

30.00Rs25.00Rs Ex Tax: 25.00Rs

Banana - Nenthram

Banana Nenthram - 500gm..

50.00Rs48.00Rs Ex Tax: 48.00Rs

Banana - Rasthali

Banana Rasthali - 1Kg..

70.00Rs63.00Rs Ex Tax: 63.00Rs

Banana - Red (Chevaalai)

Banana - Red (Chevaalai) 1Kg..

120.00Rs110.00Rs Ex Tax: 110.00Rs

Banana Flower - Vazhai Poo

Banana Flower - Vazhai Poo * New mothers face many problems when it comes to breast feeding. One of ..

22.00Rs20.00Rs Ex Tax: 20.00Rs

Banana Leaf


32.00Rs28.00Rs Ex Tax: 28.00Rs

Banana Stem - Vazhaithandu

Banana Stem - Vazhaithandu (approx 1 foot Length) 1 . For Kidney Stones: Doctors too recommend inclu..

15.00Rs13.00Rs Ex Tax: 13.00Rs

Beans Broad - Avarakkaai

Beans Broad - Avarakkaai 500g..

25.00Rs22.00Rs Ex Tax: 22.00Rs

Beans Cluster - Kothavarakkai

Beans Cluster - Seenivarakkai Buy Online Beans cluster in Chennai at Chennai Basket. A Complete Onli..

20.00Rs15.00Rs Ex Tax: 15.00Rs

Beans Fresh Ring - Ooty Pinju Beans

Beans Fresh Ring - Ooty Pinju Beans..

20.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs

Beet Grace - Pidi Kizhangu

Beet Grace - Pidi Kizhangu 500g..

55.00Rs50.00Rs Ex Tax: 50.00Rs

Beet Root

Beet Root..

20.00Rs15.00Rs Ex Tax: 15.00Rs

Bitter Gourd Long - Pagarkkaai

Bitter Gourd Long - Pagarkkaai 500g..

18.00Rs12.00Rs Ex Tax: 12.00Rs

Bitter Gourd Small - Pagarkkaai (Small)

Bitter Gourd Small - Pagarkkaai (Small)..

25.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs

Black Eyed Peas - Vellai Karamani

Black Eyed Peas - Vellai Karamani 500g..

65.00Rs60.00Rs Ex Tax: 60.00Rs

Black Gram - Karupulundu

Black Gram - Karupulundu 500g..

60.00Rs55.00Rs Ex Tax: 55.00Rs

Black Karamani - Thatampayaru

Black Karamani - Thatampayaru 500gm..

85.00Rs83.00Rs Ex Tax: 83.00Rs

Boiled Rice - Ponni (Platinum)

Boiled Rice Ponni Platinum 10Kgs..

720.00Rs660.00Rs Ex Tax: 660.00Rs

Boiled Rice - Ponni (Platinum)

Boiled Rice Ponni Platinum 25Kgs..

1,800.00Rs1,650.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,650.00Rs

Boiled Rice - Ponni (Platinum)

Boiled Rice Ponni Platinum 5Kgs..

360.00Rs325.00Rs Ex Tax: 325.00Rs

Boiled Rice - Ponni (Platinum) 1kg

Boiled Rice Ponni Platinum 1Kg..

70.00Rs65.00Rs Ex Tax: 65.00Rs

Boiled Rice - Ponni (Standard)

Boiled Rice Ponni Standard 5kgs..

269.00Rs249.00Rs Ex Tax: 249.00Rs

Boiled Rice Broken - Pulungal (Kurunai)

Boiled Rice Broken - Pulungal (Kurunai) 5kgs..

175.00Rs158.00Rs Ex Tax: 158.00Rs

Bone Less Chicken

Bone Less Chicken..

350.00Rs Ex Tax: 350.00Rs

Bottle Gourd - Sorakkaai

Bottle Gourd - Sorakkaai 1no..

40.00Rs35.00Rs Ex Tax: 35.00Rs

Brinjal - Katharikkaai

Buy Brinjal - Katharikkaai 500g online in Chennai..

20.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs

Brinjal - Katharikkaai (Ujala)

Brinjal - Katharikkaai (Ujala) 500g..

25.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs

Broccoli - Green Cauliflower

Broccoli - Green Cauliflower ~300g..

60.00Rs35.00Rs Ex Tax: 35.00Rs

Broiler Chicken

Broiler Chicken..

180.00Rs Ex Tax: 180.00Rs

Broken Beans - Mochakottai

Broken Beans - Mochakottai 500g..

98.00Rs94.00Rs Ex Tax: 94.00Rs

Cabbage Green - Muttaigose

Cabbage Green - Muttaigose 500g-700g..

18.00Rs15.00Rs Ex Tax: 15.00Rs

Cabbage Red - Red Muttaigose

Cabbage Red - Red Muttaigose - 500g..

45.00Rs38.00Rs Ex Tax: 38.00Rs

Capsicum - Green

Capsicum - Green - 500g..

18.00Rs15.00Rs Ex Tax: 15.00Rs

Capsicum - Red

Capsicum - Red 500g..

50.00Rs48.00Rs Ex Tax: 48.00Rs

Capsicum - Yellow

Capsicum - Yellow  500g..

50.00Rs48.00Rs Ex Tax: 48.00Rs

Cardia Extra Virgin Olive Oil - IMPORTED

Cardia Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1litre Olive Oil Contains Highest Percentage Of MUFA Ideal Edible Oi..

675.00Rs650.00Rs Ex Tax: 650.00Rs

Cardia Life - Blend Of Olive & Corn Oil

Cardia Life - Blend Of Olive & Corn Oil..

185.00Rs180.00Rs Ex Tax: 180.00Rs

Cashewnuts (Premium) - Cut

Cashewnuts (Premium) - Cut..

150.00Rs135.00Rs Ex Tax: 135.00Rs

Cashewnuts (Premium) - Whole

Cashewnuts (Premium) - Whole..

165.00Rs140.00Rs Ex Tax: 140.00Rs

Cashewnuts (Standard) - Cut

Cashewnuts (Standard) - Cut..

125.00Rs115.00Rs Ex Tax: 115.00Rs

Cashewnuts (Standard) - Whole

Cashewnuts (Standard) - Whole..

145.00Rs120.00Rs Ex Tax: 120.00Rs

Cauliflower (Medium)

Cauliflower (Medium) - 1No. buy online @ chennaibasket.com | Online Vegetables Store, Delivery at Do..

40.00Rs35.00Rs Ex Tax: 35.00Rs

Channa Black (Premium) - Karuppu Sundakadalai

Channa Black (Premium) - Karuppu Sundakadalai 500g..

72.00Rs68.00Rs Ex Tax: 68.00Rs

Channa White (Bold) - Vellai Sundakadalai

Channa White (Bold) - Vellai Sundakadalai..

90.00Rs84.00Rs Ex Tax: 84.00Rs

Channa White (Extra Bold) - Vellai Sundakadalai

Channa White (Extra Bold) - Vellai Sundakadalai..

110.00Rs104.00Rs Ex Tax: 104.00Rs

Chicken Breast with Bone

Chicken Breast with Bone..

340.00Rs Ex Tax: 340.00Rs

Chilli Bajji Yellow Wax

Chilli Bajji Yellow Wax - 500g..

20.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs

Chilli Green - Pachai Milagai

Chilli Green - Pachai Milagai..

5.00Rs4.00Rs Ex Tax: 4.00Rs

Chow Chow

Chow Chow 500g..

30.00Rs25.00Rs Ex Tax: 25.00Rs

Coccinia - Kovagai

Coccinia - Kovagai 500g..

25.00Rs20.00Rs Ex Tax: 20.00Rs


Coconut - 1No...

38.00Rs35.00Rs Ex Tax: 35.00Rs

Colocasia - Sappankilangu

Colocasia - Sappankilangu 500g..

28.00Rs20.00Rs Ex Tax: 20.00Rs

Coriander - Kotthamalli

Coriander - Kotthamalli 1No...

10.00Rs7.00Rs Ex Tax: 7.00Rs

Cucumber - Vellarikaai

Cucumber - Vellarikaai 500g Benefits of Cucumber 1.Relieves Joint Pain 2.Reduces Colesterol 3.Aids o..

15.00Rs12.00Rs Ex Tax: 12.00Rs

Curry Leaves - Karuvaepillai

Curry leaves - Karuvaepillai..

3.00Rs1.00Rs Ex Tax: 1.00Rs

Del Monte Olive Oil - Extra Virgin

Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1ltr..

1,240.00Rs1,200.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,200.00Rs

Del Monte Olive Oil - Pomace

Del Monte Olive Oil - Pomace 1ltr..

999.00Rs799.00Rs Ex Tax: 799.00Rs

Double Beans

Double Beans..

32.00Rs30.00Rs Ex Tax: 30.00Rs

Double Deer Zeeraka Samba Rice

Double Deer Zeeraka Samba Rice 1kg..

160.00Rs109.00Rs Ex Tax: 109.00Rs

Dried Apricot

Dried Apricot..

180.00Rs150.00Rs Ex Tax: 150.00Rs

Drumstick - Murungakai

Drumstick - Murungakai..

25.00Rs22.00Rs Ex Tax: 22.00Rs

Dry Fruits & Nuts

Almonds 100 GramsCashews 100 GramsRaisins 100 GramsPista 100 Grams..

520.00Rs460.00Rs Ex Tax: 460.00Rs

Dry Fruits - Mixed

Dry Fruits - Mixed..

120.00Rs100.00Rs Ex Tax: 100.00Rs

Fig - Athipazham

Fig - Athipazham 100g..

120.00Rs105.00Rs Ex Tax: 105.00Rs

Fortune Sunflower Oil 5 Ltrs

Fortune Sunflower Oil 5 Ltrs..

465.00Rs425.00Rs Ex Tax: 425.00Rs

Fried Gram - Udachakadalai

Fried Gram - Udachakadalai 500g..

58.00Rs52.00Rs Ex Tax: 52.00Rs

Garlic - Vellai Poondu

Garlic - Vellai poondu 250gm..

35.00Rs30.00Rs Ex Tax: 30.00Rs

Garlic Peeled - Vellai Poondu

Garlic Peeled - Rasa Poondu 100g..

20.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs

Garlic(Hills) - Malai Poondu

Garlic(Hills) - Malai Poondu 500gm..

50.00Rs48.00Rs Ex Tax: 48.00Rs

Ginger (Fresh) - Injhi

Fresh Ginger - Injhi - 250g Benefits of Ginger 1. Ovarian Cancer Treatmnet 2. Colon Cancer Preventio..

12.00Rs10.00Rs Ex Tax: 10.00Rs

Gold Winner Sunflower Oil

Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil 1Litre INGREDIENTS Refined Suflower Oil 99.99% TBHQ (E-319) Anti-o..

96.00Rs85.00Rs Ex Tax: 85.00Rs

Gold Winner Sunflower Oil - Jar

Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil 5 Ltrs Jar Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil is the flagship brand..

470.00Rs465.00Rs Ex Tax: 465.00Rs

Gram Dal (Premium) - Kadalai Paruppu

Gram Dal (Premium) - Kadalai Paruppu (Bengal Gram) Buy Online Gram Dal (Premium) - Kadalai Paruppu 1..

90.00Rs75.00Rs Ex Tax: 75.00Rs

Grapes - Black Seeded

Grapes Black Seeded - 500g..

63.00Rs60.00Rs Ex Tax: 60.00Rs

Green Moong - Paasipayaru

Green Moong - Paasipayaru 500g..

65.00Rs58.00Rs Ex Tax: 58.00Rs

Green Peas (Fresh) - Pachai Pattani 500g

Green Peas (Fresh) - Pachai Pattani 500g..

48.00Rs45.00Rs Ex Tax: 45.00Rs

Green Peas Dry - Pachai Pattani

Green Peas Dry - Pachai Pattani 500g..

38.00Rs35.00Rs Ex Tax: 35.00Rs

Green Peas Peeled (Fresh) - Pachai Pattani (Peeled)

Green Peas Peeled (Fresh) - Pachai Pattani (Peeled) 200g..

42.00Rs35.00Rs Ex Tax: 35.00Rs

Ground Nut - Roasted

Ground Nut Roasted - Nilakadalai Paruppu 500g..

80.00Rs72.00Rs Ex Tax: 72.00Rs

Ground Nut Raw

Ground Nut Raw - Nilakadalai Paruppu 500g..

50.00Rs44.00Rs Ex Tax: 44.00Rs

Guava - White

Guava White 500g..

40.00Rs38.00Rs Ex Tax: 38.00Rs

Idly Rice

Idly Rice 25kg..

1,125.00Rs1,075.00Rs Ex Tax: 1,075.00Rs

Idly Rice 5kg

Idly Rice 5kg..

225.00Rs215.00Rs Ex Tax: 215.00Rs

Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates - 500 Grams..

148.00Rs145.00Rs Ex Tax: 145.00Rs



100.00Rs90.00Rs Ex Tax: 90.00Rs

Knol Knol - Nukkal

Knol Knol - Nukkal - 500g..

25.00Rs23.00Rs Ex Tax: 23.00Rs

Ladies Finger - Vendikaai

Ladies Finger - Vendikaai 500g..

25.00Rs18.00Rs Ex Tax: 18.00Rs


Lemon - 250g..

30.00Rs24.00Rs Ex Tax: 24.00Rs

Lion Arabian Dates

Lion Arabian Dates - 250 Gms 100% natural dates straight from the desert farms. Recommended to remov..

94.00Rs92.00Rs Ex Tax: 92.00Rs

Lion Dates

Lion Dates - 250 Gms Some health benefits of Dates : The best advantage of having dates on daily bas..

75.00Rs72.00Rs Ex Tax: 72.00Rs

Lion Dates

Lion Dates - 500 Gms Some health benefits of Dates : The best advantage of having dates on daily bas..

140.00Rs135.00Rs Ex Tax: 135.00Rs

Lion Dates Halwa

Lion Dates Halwa 200g..

76.00Rs75.00Rs Ex Tax: 75.00Rs

Lion Delicacy Dates

Lion Delicacy Dates 250g..

163.00Rs160.00Rs Ex Tax: 160.00Rs

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