Other Dry Friuts

Dried Apricot

Dried Apricot..

180.00Rs150.00Rs Ex Tax: 150.00Rs

Weight: 200.00 G

Dry Fruits - Mixed

Dry Fruits - Mixed..

120.00Rs100.00Rs Ex Tax: 100.00Rs

Weight: 100.00 G

Fig - Athipazham

FigĀ - Athipazham 100g..

120.00Rs105.00Rs Ex Tax: 105.00Rs

Weight: 100.00 G

Pista - Plain

Pista - Plain 50g..

100.00Rs90.00Rs Ex Tax: 90.00Rs

Weight: 50.00 G

Pista - Unpeeled

Pista - Unpeeled..

155.00Rs140.00Rs Ex Tax: 140.00Rs

Weight: 100.00 G

Pista Roasted & Salted

Pista Roasted & Salted 250g..

375.00Rs340.00Rs Ex Tax: 340.00Rs

Weight: 250.00 G

Raisin - Black

Raisin - Black 100g..

55.00Rs50.00Rs Ex Tax: 50.00Rs

Weight: 100.00 G

Raisin - Kismis

Raisin - Kismis 100g..

40.00Rs32.00Rs Ex Tax: 32.00Rs

Weight: 100.00 G

Taj-Mahal Saffron

Taj-Mahal Saffron 0.5g..

395.00Rs350.00Rs Ex Tax: 350.00Rs

Weight: 0.50 G

Taj-Mahal Saffron

Taj-Mahal Saffron 2g..

645.00Rs630.00Rs Ex Tax: 630.00Rs

Weight: 1.00 G

Taj-Mahal Saffron - Bottle

Taj-Mahal Saffron 1g..

650.00Rs648.00Rs Ex Tax: 648.00Rs

Weight: 1.00 G

Walnut Kemels (Premium)

Walnut Kemels (Premium)..

150.00Rs140.00Rs Ex Tax: 140.00Rs

Weight: 100.00 G
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